I didnt even know what to title this post because I have SO much to share! 
It has been a little INSANE since my last update...needless to say, Im a little late so this update will be crammed with pics! (Sorry)
The girls are doing AMAZING! Ashlee is starting to talk a little and wants to do EVERYTHING that Madison is doing.  Madison is talking like CRAZY!!  She can say all her letters and all her numbers.  She can count to 100 by 10's and can even spell a few words from memory! Ha!  
She comes up with the FUNNIEST things to say, I dont know where she gets this stuff!  The other day someone handed me a $20 bill and she said "Mom! They gave you $20 dollars??"  Umm how did you know that was $20 dollars little missy??? LOL   She's also the "spokesperson" for the two of them...i.e.  "WE need juice", "WE want to go outside", and my favorite...."Ashlee needs some candy and chocolate!"  Ha ha NICE TRY!!   Madison is going to be 3 next month! Can you believe it?? CRAZY!!  I cant believe we have a 3 year old!!    They are such a blessing and SO much fun!
As most of you already know, Jason's dad, Jim,  had to have open heart surgery last week to fix some artery's.  He is doing so much better but its still a long road ahead.  We are all so proud of him and really rooting for a swift recovery :)  Before he went in for surgery his best friend Billy, (Uncle Billy), came in for a visit; so we all got to hang for the last week or so while Jim is getting better.  The girls love him and they've been having so much fun! 
We went to Aunt Linda's for dinner the other nite so we could all visit for a bit.  It was a fun, relaxing time!
Our friends, Sherry & Rob, came down from Tampa for a baby shower and we squeezed in a quick lunch.  It was fun catching up.
Thanks everyone for all the well wishes for Jim.....XOXOXOXOX

Hangin' with Pop before the big day!!

Some Mima love..

Anthony & Uncle Billy

What do you do in a boring hospital room??
Peek a boo in the curtain, of course!

Mommy & Poppi

Daddy & Madison

Family Time-


Kissy 4 Sissy!

Hustle BOY!

Daddy's Girl!

Uncle Billy, Jane & Daddy!

Mommy & Mima

Let's Go Bronco's! (Thats Anthony in the middle #21)

Aunt Linda & Mima

Checkin' out Uncle Tom's boat!

Hurry up with my Lobster!


Lunch with friends!


Fun lunch with Friends!

After lunch playtime!



No one ever looks at the same time  ::sigh::


My Munchkin!

Uncle Billy & Ant

TWINS!!!  (Madison wants to do EVERYTHING we do!)

Another visit with Pop before surgery!

We love you Poppi

Busted watching TV in Mommy's laundry basket!


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