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What's upppppppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!
Hope everyone is doing well!  It has been a MAD HOUSE around here and I presume will only get worse until around May or so...All FUN things, of course! But still madness, none the less!!
We are in full party planning mode with Ashlee's impending 2nd birthday! Hope to see you all there in a few weeks!
Work is crazy busy and Jason has been working overtime til 8pm almost all week!  
We went to cheer Anthony on at his Lacrosse game.  The girls LOVE to watch him play! GO Bronco's!!  He came over to hang with us last week while off for spring break.  They played all day and we took Madison to see her 1st movie, Gnomeo & Juliet.  She LOOOOVED it! It was sooo adorable!!  She got a tad antsy and moved about the seats a bit, but mostly she was great and I cant wait to take her with Daddy!
We've been playing outside in the water a lot....the girls LOVE to splash in the "pool".
Ashlee is just growing up before our eyes!  She's talking in sentences, pretty much... Sometimes she is a little hard to understand but we totally get what she's saying.  Everytime she says something new, Im amazed!
I entered the girls photos into a local contest for a boutiques publication and they picked BOTH GIRLS to be in their photoshoot! We're very excited! ;)
We celebrated St. Patrick's Day at home in all of our GREEN glory...We did some holiday projects and even baked some Green cupcakes!  The girls DIE to bake so any excuse is fine with them!
Im sure Im leaving some things out but updating this blog is only 1 of the things on my list for the nite! HA!
Ta ta for now :)

Waiting for the movie to start! She started off real well and stayed in her seat for a good portion...
Then eventually mosied on over to the floor and leaned against the row in front of us..
Finally, her & Ant ended up sitting on the stairs, in the aisle, next to my seat.
Our ALL STAR Lacrosse Player!!
In the Zone..
Go Ant, Go!!
Gunnin' for the man!!
Ant's best girls!
Playtime in the back yard. Ashlee took a break to call her peeps!
Running in the sprinklers...My 2 water babies!
Pretty Princess Madison!
Mom! Im on the phone!!
We do a craft almost everyday, and for "P" Day I decided the girls could make some popsicles. Now where did I put those popsicle molds?? I couldnt find them ANYWHERE! I dug through all her play kitchen containers and could only come up with some lego's! HA!! I had to rubberband them together so they wouldnt fall over in the freezer. We juiced some fresh oranges, filled them up, added a stick and VOILA! Popsicles!! (I'm sure there's a redneck joke in here somewhere!) LOL
Needless to say, they were FANS!!!!
St Patty's Day Pic...Cooperation for a nice sitting pic? Not exactly!
Girls=1 Mommy=0
We're ready to make our cupcakes!
Crackin' eggs like pro chefs!!
Disclaimer: This pic is just for show. No actual eggs were broken in the making of this cute pic!
Time for a lick to "test" the batter!
These are my professional lickers! Seriously, the best in town!
Can you see it on my tongue?
Time to frost!
Anthoney read Madison a bedtime story over Spring Break! She LOVED it!!
Our Silly Family!!


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