Picnics & Parties!!

Hey there! Ho there!!
We have been busy little bee's, as usual! We celebrated Mommy & Nana's birthday IN STYLE!! Daddy took me to a nice romantic dinner and we had an AWESOME picnic with our special family & friends.
Shay & I surprised Nana with a Spa themed birthday party!! Everyone had a great time! It was sooo nice to kick back, without stress, and kids and work and all those MILLIONS of things that stress you out ALL.DAY.LONG!!! We gabbed all nite and it was fabulous!
Our girls are getting SOOO big!! I cant hardly stand it. This morning I asked Madison if I could braid her hair (because she NEVER lets me do anything with it unless I bribe her with candy!), and she told me that hair is NOT for braiding, and only for growing. You try arguing with that. I said, "But dont you wanna look like a princess?" and she responded, "No! Im Madison Riley Moran!" HA! I just want to BITE HER, she's so dang cute! The "terrible two's" sure were a BREEZE compared to 3! Three definitely has us standing at attention, often. It's so hard not to laugh sometimes because she's so smart and getting a little manipulative. If she says something on a whim that she knows isnt appropriate and I ask her "What'd you say?" she'll laugh and say "Im just kidding Mom" or "Awww just joking" so she wont get in trouble. SUCH A SMARTY, that kid!!!
Ashlee is growing by leaps and bounds and learning ALL of Madison's tricks...good and bad! She can say her name and anything she wants or anywhere she wants to go. They are both SO amazing and we're SO blessed!!
Ashlee (our little baby), is turning 2, like tomorrow and its soo bitter sweet. I can't believe how big they are getting. They are the best of friends and Im SO glad they have each other.

"Strumming my 6 string...."
Birthday Lunch for Mommy & Uncle Jordi!

A childs dream! (or at least, my child's!)

A surprise cake for Mommy at home :)

Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you had a blast!

Pool Day!! Always a HIT!!

Ride that fishy!!!

Hangin' with Mama!!

Even nana made friends :)

This is how Daddy unwinds!

Bonding with Dad-

Picnic FUN!!

Maxin' & relaxin'

Fun with Grandpa!

Up, Up and Awayyyyyyyyyyy

Madison's Bestie, Aunt Linda!

Too good not to keep and FRAME :)


Tom's official pose :)


Getting out of the chair 101: Have another Mom :)

This is why Madison LOOOOOVES her Uncle Tom!

Ready for Taboo!!! GO!

Awesome FAMILY DAY!!! :)

Daddy is sooo silly!!!


The girls are getting B - I - G!
Love the piggies!
Happy belated bday!

That last comment was from Denice! :) NOT BOI

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