Our Baby is TURNING 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miss. Ashlee Bree celebrated her 2nd birthday, with her family & friends, in ALL her Minnie Mouse glory!!! It was a spectacular party with the most AMAZING birthday girl!! We couldnt be MORE proud of our little princess and the awesome little lady she's turning into!!
Last weekend we all gathered to celebrate her 2nd year! She got tons of cool toys that she ADORES (and are "mine", not Madison's) and some super cute clothes. She was much more "into" opening everything, then she was at Christmas, so it was very exciting! A big THANK YOU!! to everyone who came out to celebrate our little girl and ALL your generous gifts :)
Of course, I took a TON of pics!!, so here is a link to most of them:

The girls LOOOVE taking boat rides on the lake, so we fancied them in a little "float down the river" to look for the "Neverland Pirates!!" ALWAYS FUN!!


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