Keys Please & Sea World!!!

Well, HELLO THERE!!!  ::waves::
We have been keeping busy as usual, always something to do, places to go. 
We traveled down to the Keys for just the day.  They were having a big Stone Crab & Seafood Festival!  Island music, sun & seafood?? WE'RE THERE!! Ha!   The girls had a ton of fun!  We took them to feed the tarpon, ate lunch in Islamorada, & even dipped our toes in the water. (Well, they did!) LOL
It was awesome weather and just gorgeous! We're so lucky to be so close, we should go back more often :)
We didnt renew our Disney passes so we got SeaWorld/Busch Gardens instead.  Madison & Ashlee LOVE all marine life and all animals really.  Throw in a few rides and awesome shows and theyre like putty!  We brought Anthony with us for entertainment and it was QUITE the adventure!

It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

BEST Buds!!
Daddy's idea of a floater :)
Love them!!

So we're feeding the Tarpon next to this HOT guy, and Madison FLINGS her fish over and slaps him in the cheek with him!!! LOLLL  I could.not.stop.laughing!!!

Mommy's awesome trick for INDOOR finger painting!!
Is this the cutest thing ever?? Madison insisted on painting A's toes and as long as their purple, Ashlee is on board!
Girl Time!
My little dare devils!
Umm, no I have no idea where the cotton candy went...DO YOU???
Uncle jason's favorite Nephew!
Ready to watch the Dolphin Show!
She isnt scared of ANY ride! LOL
...but, Ant might be!
Oh man!!! Where is THAT going to go???????????
My Sweet Pea!


KTLang said...

OMG! @Spooj=ky slapping the guy in face w/ fish!!! Whats J sucking on in that pic? Side ponytail on nuggie, SO cute! Nuggie looks ADORABLE in that big T (kinda like a floating head! LoL. Can't believe the girls werent sacred 2 ride the coasters? How come i wasnt in the "funny hat" pic =(

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