Happy "Save" Patricks Day!!

This year St. Patricks Day was LOADS of fun! We got the family all dressed up, baked green pancakes and even rainbow cupcakes!  Madison was calling it "save" Patrick's Day no matter how many times we corrected her!  She is getting so big, SO fast.... sometimes I like the cute errors.  It makes me feel like she's still little.  JUDGE AWAY! Ha.  Aunt Linda came over to babysit while Mom & Dad went and has some traditional Green Beer Fun!  They decorated the cupcakes we baked and made the cuutest little shamrocks!

Happy "Save" Patricks Day!
Ashlee has been QUITE the little baker as of late. I cant even get a bowl out for cereal without her running for her stool to "help".  My little Baker!!
A nite at the movies with Daddy & Nana!  Nana wanted to take the girls and US, of course, to see The Lorax. Even though Ive taken the girls 4 times or so, Daddy has never been so it was a real treat! They loved it and we also thought is was adorable!
Maybe she didnt like it? LOLLLL

Grandpa celebrated a birthday so we went over for a visit. Madison and Ashlee wrapped their own toys to give him on their very own! It.was.THE.cuuuuuutest.thing!! He unwrapped EVERY toy (their were 6-7) with enthusiasm and they were SO thrilled. He didnt even ask for a gift receipt! A Dora doll?? YES PLEASE!!
She dressed herself with 3 purple things from 3 different drawers! Thats all Im saying.
M has been loooooooooooooving playing TBall lately!!
The girls decided to organize their toys and after a long period of quiet, I found this!!!

We took the girls  to Beach Place one afternoon.  They had live music, we got virgin dacquiries for the girlies, had lunch and then walked down to the sand.  It was an AWESOME afternoon!
OMGGGGGG!!!! Is this a purple chip???????


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