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Remember us??  WELL!  I misplaced my camera cord and I finally found it this morning.  Meanwhile, there have been TONS of things I wanted to share but was unable to :(   This post will probably include quite a bit, unless I get too tired (LOL)...then its possible I may stop abruptly and start again later.
Since I last posted, we celebrated Ashlee's 4th birthday!  4 people!!!  My little baby nugget has turned 4.  I could just melt into a puddle.  I seriously, can not believe she is 4.  I don't know WHERE all the time has gone.  It makes me SO sad!  If you know me at all, you know that I am not a crier.  All was well on the morning of little Missy's 4th birthday.  We got up for school, got dressed, birthday crown and flashy dress of course, and off to school we went.  I dropped her off, she ran to play with friends...BUT THEN another Mom walked over to tell me how beautiful she was and how much she has grown, etc.  and then IT HAPPENED, I started melting down! LOL  I had to get out of there, before she witnessed my FULL BLOWN ugly cry!  ::sniff sniff::  Half way home I was able to pull myself together with no help from Jay, who I called to cry WITH me (ha!) but instead he proceeded to tell me how ridiculous I was acting!  LOL  All is well now and I am coping with my 4 & 5 year old teenagers! (as some days would seem)

Sissy LOVE on Ashlee's big day at school!!
 We made special purple and yellow cake pops (per the princesses' request!)

For Ashlee's birthday we had an ice cream pool party EXTRAVAGANZA!!  It was SO special and our girl loved every second!!  We invited all her school friends, our friends and the family to celebrate her special day.  We are SO blessed to have so much love in our circle and wouldn't trade a single person..well maybe a choice few :)  HA!

 Ashlee and her best pals!

 Cheese Jake!!!!
 Special Friends!

 I think she was done with the camera and ready for ICE CREAM!!!!!
 Celebrating with good friends!!

 Happy Birthday Ashlee & Mima!!
 Connie Conehead!!!!!!!!!!!
 Family LOVE!!
 Feeding the fishies after her wild party!!!  (with a blue mouth, no less)

After Ashlee's birthday we made our way up north to see the Mouse!  Every time we go is better than the last.  This year, the girls insisted on autograph books which made meeting the characters a little extra special.  We rode more rides that we couldn't before and I'm pretty sure we ate more junk food too!!  All in all it was a great trip that I hope the munchkins remember always!

Daddy volunteered to participate in the Beauty and the Beast show!  If  you know Jason at all, THIS WAS MAJOR!! LOLL


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