Happy 4th of July!!

Hey Everyone! Since I didn't have a chance to post about July 4th before we left for the Lake, I have WAY TOO MUCH for one post now.   SO....in true Dani fashion, I'm going to have to break it up a bit!  I wouldn't want you to MISS A THING!! Haaaa!
The 4th of July was quite exciting this year.  We went to church for a big BBQ and firework display.  They had a HUGE water-slide  and lots of fun and games for the kids.  It was nice to hang w friends and enjoy the day.
A few days later we were joined by 2 special ladies, Renee & Stevie Moran!!!!!!!!!!!   It has been a LONG awaited visit and we celebrated their arrival with a pool party EXTRAVAGANZA!!   Madison & Ashlee were SO psyched to see their cousins and the rest of us enjoyed it as well.  Thanks to everyone who came to show some LOVE.  Im sure Stevie & Renee felt every bit!!


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