The Calm before the Storm....Kinda!

Well, our Summer is winding down.  It has been extremely busy and SUPER fun!  What does the close of every Summer need, you ask?? A CATASTROPHE!!
Madison spent the nite with a friend, who was dog-sitting someone else's dog.  We try and ALWAYS remind our girls that not all dogs are alike.  Not all dogs are like our dog, Mogan.  Even though we often tell them not to touch, kiss or hang on other peoples dogs, Madison wanted to give this dog some kisses.  She leaned in and he bit her top lip.   
When your precious angels are in someone else's care and you come out of the bathroom to 4 missed calls and an emergency text, IT WILL NEVER BE GOOD.  Trembling as I dialed back, she told me what happened and that she was taking her to Memorial.  Jason & I rushed to meet her there and be with our sweet girl.  
She was extremely brave.  *I* was the one that needed hand holding.  We waited to see the plastic surgeon and were informed she needed about 9 stitches.  They sedated her and stitched the muscle on the inside of her lip and then the exterior.  After she came to, and slurped up a popsicle we were on our way home to rest.
She is doing much better now and we are SUPER glad we opted for the plastic surgeon to sew her up.  Its looking better everyday and we're crossing our fingers that the stitches fall out before school next Monday.
Speaking of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  CAN YOU BELIEVE OUR LITTLE BABY IS GOING TO KINDERGARTEN????????????  I.can.not!
She is super excited to go because she absolutely LOVES school!  We went to her new school and met her new teacher.  Mrs. Kinder!  HA!!!
My babies are getting so big!!  ::sniff::    TIME FOR ANOTHER :)

((All I have are cell pics, sry they're not the greatest))


SaviOne said...

Poor Hunny, so brave!

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