Chaos...Chaos....& More!

Well, CRAP!
I wrote this whole post out last week and just came on to finish and post it...GONE!!
I can’t even remember what I wrote…..  Let's see....
I haven’t updated in AWHILE!  Our new schedule is just a little crazy.  I recently unloaded my camera and WOW!  There. was. a. lot!  Some things I forgot we even did! Ha!!

After all the hustle & bustle of the 1st week of school, we stole the weekend away to Fort Myers Beach!  Our girls LOVE going to the beach.  They woke up every morning at 6am because SOMEONE (Daddy) told them all about the beautiful shells & things that wash up in the wee hours.  So out they ushered us to collect them.  The trip was very relaxing and super fun!  We were even joined by the Dusse Family, The Moran's, The Jones' Family, ALL of the Duke's, The Churchill's, and even a few McCurdy's!!!  Maybe a new tradition! Ha!

The girls have been having a great time in school and loving their new teachers.  We received excellent reports for both, for the 1st term!  Here is Madison's Kindergarten school pic!  Who is this HUGE kid???

We spent some time on the boat w Uncle Jordi.  Madison & Ashlee LOVE hanging out on the boat.  No time is enough time for them!

Jason & I snuck a weekend away for the 2nd time in 6 years, KID FREE!  We went to Halloween Horror Nites for some grown up fun!  The girls had loads of fun at Mima & Poppi's & bunked up after w Aunt Linda.  The house where, proudly, anything goes for the little's!    

This is what bedtime looks like at Aunt Linda's!  Ha!

Disney On Ice came to town with a new show so we took the girlies for a little princess magic!!

Once a month the girls get out early from school so we scooped up Anthony and headed to the movies!!  It was a special treat and they were ESPECIALLY excited/surprised to get Anthony!!!  Doesn't Ashlee look surprised??

Ashlee had her Fall Festival at school, so we went to join in on the fun!!  They had hayrides, sundae's, pizza, dance party, games & more!  

Let's see.... Aunt Linda's Church had their Annual Fall Fest, as well.  We never say no to a good party so off we went.  OF COURSE, Ashlee’s school Halloween book fair was the same nite.  As PTO President, Mommy HAD to go but I sent the girls with Jay, to the Fall Fest, and I caught up later.  PHEW! It was a looong nite!

 Even our community had a Fall Fest!  Its been Fall Madness over here!  We met some friends there and the kids had.a.ball!!  They rode rides, ate snowcones, made sand art, etc!


Madison’s school also had a Fall Fest that we HAD to attend, according to a little Miss.

 Who doesn’t want to try and dunk the principal anyway?  HA!!!  
She was SO CLOSE!

Let’s not forget the Pumpkin Patch!!   We grabbed Ant after school and 
headed over!  Even Nana came!
 Pretty sure you are NOT allowed to sit in the planters!
 I have no idea WHERE they saw this but they just hopped right up and started meditating! Ha!

Ohhhhhhhhh!!! And one more thing…. We’re PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! Yes! We are VERY excited to meet our new and LAST edition!  HA!  Whoo Hoo!!   The girls were totally psyched when we gave them the news!  See for yourself!  CLICK HERE


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