In the words of Miss. Ashlee Bree.. Oh-My-M-G!!!!!


Where do I even begin.  Quite a few things have happened since my last update. 

Some of my most special friends & family put together an awesome shower for me! 
I'm so grateful for such wonderful people in our lives!   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Look at these cuties!!!!!!!!!

Madison has been dyinggggggg to lose a tooth!  She was the last in her class to get a loose tooth so this was BIG NEWS!!!    The tooth fairy left a glittery, sparkly note and..... $20!!!!!
Yes, we realize that's BIG for a tooth but its our 1st kid, 1st tooth (long awaited) and we made it quite clear, it only happens once!  HA!

Ashlee had an Animal Kingdom day at school!  She loooooves animals! 

Joelle, Audrey and Mia finally got their trip to FLORIDA!!!!!!!  Jimmy brought them down for a visit and we were so excited to see them.  Since we never get to share birthday parties with our cousins that are so far, we scheduled Ashlee's birthday so they wouldn't miss it!  Of course, that would never be enough for Uncle Tom.  He trotted them around to a few fun spots and we even spent one day at the beach!



Ashlee's best pal, Lyla, slept over with allll the girls on the eve of Ashlee's party!! CRAZYTOWN!

Quality time with cousins!

Anthony showing Uncle Jimmy how its done!!!


THANK YOU Aunt Marni, Uncle Jimmy & Girls!!! 

We had a little SPA Party for Ashlee and 10 of her closest pals!  If you know our girl, at all, this is right up her alley!!  They got their nails painted, makeup done, played games and bounced all day!
I cant believe my little girl is 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A pre-birthday present for Miss. Ashlee before Mima & Poppi set sail!! 

Passover dinner at Grandpa's!!

Easter Party at Mrs. Jessica's!!!

We made puffy paint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A dinosaur show at the Convention Center!!  The girls loooooved it!


Happy Easter!!!! 

We planted jellybeans and the next morning...... A LOLLIPOP GARDEN!!!!!!!  That Easter Bunny sure is magical!! 

Since Madison got a pumpkin belly, and Ashlee got an Easter Egg belly.....TADA!!!!   Another Easter Egg because we are "awesome" planners!  Ha!!   This time everyone wanted to get painted, so...of course, we painted eachother!

Trying to sneak a peek at Easter treats!


Someone got confetti eggs and cracked them, allllllllllllllllll over Daddy so this was payback!

and our biggest news of all...........  AUSTIN REID IS HERE!!!!!!!!!
He was born on 4/25/14 at 9:16am.  He weighed 7lbs 5oz and was 18.5" long!
We're just so in love with our little man!  Thanks so much for all the calls, visits, and well wishes!!




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