My Baby is a Graduate!!!

My second born child, Miss. Ashlee Bree, graduated from VPK and is on her way to Kindergarten. How did that happen?  When did she grow up? and more importantly, how can I prevent this from happening again, because I have one more little to go! Ha!! Sob!! Cry!!
I remember I just rocked her and now she's crossing the stage to Kindergarten.  Done with the baby stuff and on to high heels and college apps.  Well, not quite, but feels like the same!
She is SO excited to go to "big girl school" with Madison and I am BEYOND thrilled to be driving to one school!!  Yay for everyone!
The graduation ceremony was so sweet.  They sang on stage a few songs she had been practicing.  After the performance, they changed into their cap and gowns to get their diplomas.  Seeing her in the gown was a little emotional.  Such a big girl! 
We are so proud of you Ashlee!  You can be anything you want to be!  ANYTHING!!

Thanks for coming to her graduation and supporting her on this new journey!   She was SO excited to see you all there and loves you bunches!!


Here are just a few of her biggest fans!


Ashlee's teachers, Mrs. Lisa & Mrs. Julie!  Missing Ms. Dawn but she was there in spirit!

Our precious girl!


That was adorable. I love the red cap and gown!! Great pictures, great family. You are one lucky lady - hope you have a wonderful summer.

Dani said...

Thank you! xoxo

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