It's SUMMER!!!!!!!!!

School is officially over and SUMMER HAS BEGUN!!!! 
Bring on Kindergarten and 1st grade!!!!  ::sob::

The girls started dance camp this week and love every second of it.  They seriously cant get enough!  Every day is themed and they like to get into it :)
PJ day, Rock Star day, Dance Group day, etc.
Here is a video of a portion of their show.

For Father's Day we went to Islamorada Fish Co.  Jay enjoys it and the girls LOVE going to see the fish tanks and big iguanas.  We joined Linda and her crew and headed over for some Father's Day FUN!!

The weather has been pretty crappy so far this summer, so we've been keeping busy in other ways.... 
For example, I let the girls paint my toes...  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!  HA!

Taking silly pictures...


Smiles for Daddy!!

I caught Ashlee shouting at a racing game she was playing on her tablet!  HEART ATTACK!!!!!!  HA!

Madison has been making me many grocery lists that look like this!  
Anyone want to have dinner at our house?? Ha!

We were able to go cheer on Anthony at one of his championship games!!!!  GO ANTHONY!!!!!  The girls LOVE to go watch and cheer him on!  His biggest fans!!!



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