Happy 4th of July & more!

Well, life hasn't yet stood still in the Moran home.   The Summer is keeping us very busy!  I cant believe its almost over.  Ive loved having the girls home these last few weeks.  We've done all sorts of fun things!
Being home all summer has led to some silly days!
Here is a picture I took of the kids to make Daddy a Fathers Day gift.  After maybe 1000 shots, this was the best one...  Ha!!

Our precious Angels!!

Ashlee's special friends came in town for a weekend visit, so we made it an all day affair!!

Daddy celebrated another birthday!!  We couldn't let the occasion go by without a little celebration, of course!!  Here are a few pals and the rest met us at the boat ramp!

Austin had a check up and the girls were so adorable with him.  They made sure to hold his hand and stay close so he wouldn't be scared!  Ha!

Madison lost another tooth!!!!  This one she pulled out all by herself!  Barf!!  Loose teeth freak me out!! Ha!!!   The toothfairy left her a $5 bill and another special note!

This year for the 4th, our dear friends invited us to their beach house!  It was a super fun time.  The girls had so much fun playing with their friends.  We had a talent show, played on the beach, saw a Shark!!!, relaxed w friends, lit lanterns and watched amazing fireworks!!!


 Its time for the TALENT SHOW!!!  All the kids and parents signed up!  It was sooo cute!!  Madison decided on a puppet show!!  She is quite the puppeteer!
The Dads, however, were a little more ambitious!  They all sang Let It Go! from the popular movie, Frozen!  Led my Casey, a musical genius, THEY ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!  Ha!!!!  
(here is a pic of the quick rehearsal)

Molly made all the kids their own Certificates!!  EVERYONE WAS A WINNER!!!!!

The lanterns were so awesome!!


We celebrated Kaitlyn's 21st birthday at Mima & Poppi's house!  Even the Ordialis family came to join us!!


During a relaxing afternoon, Daddy busted us sleeping on the job!

Austin started taking naps in his big boy bed!!!   Cant believe he's 3 mos old already!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dani, the baby is adorable and you look great as you always do. the girls are so big and sweet.
I know you do not want to hear from
me and I will never do it again but
I just wanted to tell you the baby is adorable.
Take care

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