Happy Birthday Stevie & Grandma Ada!

Celebrating birthdays is always such a treat!!  Since Stevie has been visiting the last 2 years, its been so nice to celebrate with her.  This is also the time for Grandma Ada's birthday.  It always falls during the time we're at the lake, so we try to shower her with birthday love as soon as we get back!!   I always remind Jason how fortunate he is to still have her here. I've never had any GREAT grandparents and  I lost all my Grandparents by the time I was about 16, so its pretty special when we get to spend time with her.  I'm so glad the kids get to see her often and make their own memories. She's a special lady.


This was right about the time that SOMEONE poured their entire water into Poppi's lap! Haaaa!!

Uncle Tom and I took all the kiddo's to the beach for a day of HOT....HOT...Did I say HOT? F-U-N!!
Those Seattle girls girls just looooove these Florida beaches!!
After lunch we went to grab some grub!! 




This is how Ashlee wipes her face when her hands are sandy...   ::faceplant::



Making wishes

Family  game nite at home!!  Madison & Ashlee think its "totally rad" to throw up their peace signs at any available moment and will encourage you to do the same!

 Daddy's Fish Face!!!

Our crazy family!  So many blessings.



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