Happy Labor Day!

This year for Labor Day, we snuck away to Ft. Myers Beach!!  There was about 25 of us in all, which made for a super fun trip!  The girls love seeing everyone and enjoy wasting away the days together!  Jay had them up before the sun rose to go "shelling".  I even woke up one morning with Austin and we all went.  ::yawn::
We saw jellyfish, crabs, fish, starfish, sand dollars, and all kinds of neat sea creatures. 
Beach by day and barbeque by night...what could be better than that!!

Fort Myers Beach!

 Shell hunting with the sunrise...  So pretty!!


Ouch!  Jellyfish!!  It was HUGE!

Shell hunter crossing!



The evil one...

The Chef's


Jello Shots!!!!


While we were away for the wkd...SOMEONE saw my camera out and thought it'd be HILARIOUS to take a few selfies after Id already gone to bed.... Scandalous!


Our Baby boy is 4 mos now!!  Can you believe it?  Its almost his half birthday, HA!
He smiles and giggles constantly.  You barely have to look at him, to get that cute grin.  He's reaching for things and even found his feet!!  They are veryyy yummy.  Austin continues to be a great sleeper ::knock on wood::  If I didn't know any better, Id say he was getting teeth.  He is a drooling maniac!! I can barely keep his shirts dry.  Stay away teeth.  We're still only little.

After school dress-up!  There is NEVER a dull moment here.   (camera phone)


 After school treat!

Reading to Daddy!

Uncle Jordi loves to stop by and see his favorite kiddos!!

So Ive been working hard to get more organized with all my pictures and videos, etc.  Upon my "travels" Ive found (and recently taken) a few super cute videos of the kids....  Hope you enjoy them!





This video just melts my heart!!  I miss these babies SOOOO MUCH!!  Its a little long but Ashlee's voice is just too much for me to handle!!!   "I got youuuuu Mad-son", "I on da ca-pet, I on da ca-pet"
I may have watched this one 20 times (or so) in the last 2 days! Ha!!

Frozen sing-a-long

Grandpa's teeth!

Ashlee can read!!


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