Party of 5

It's late. All three kids are snuggled in their beds and floating around in dreamland.  We had a fun weekend.  We helped host the annual Bunco for Boobs fundraiser on Saturday.  It was a great success and we're all so thankful for all the support.  Connie Conehead, as the girls were taught to call her, really puts her heart and soul into these events.  I know she appreciates all of it. 

Family and friends often harass me for always having my camera around.  Of course, Its never funny to them when they're asking me for pictures, all.the.time!   Having these pictures of my family is probably my most treasured possession.  As the days turn into weeks, and into months and years, the moments just vanish before me.  Its nice to think you always have the memories, but lets be honest!  I can barely remember what I had for breakfast or my own children's names.  Forget about these specific sweet moments in time.  Lately, with these growing littles of mine, the essence of just time itself seems to be so stressful.  Time to get to where we're headed, time to get ready, dressed, packed and everyone out the door, time to take pictures so I can look back on these moments, time to call everyone you want to speak to and connect on any level, time to fix your family's meals, time to drive everyone, everywhere, time to work, time to spend with your husband, time to spend with your kids together, time to spend with them individually so you can get to know each other on a different level, time to PEE (ha!), time to feed  yourself, time to exercise and model good healthy choices for the littles who are always watching... time, time, time.    It really can make you insane.  In order to avoid this plain insanity, I have a new approach.  We just live in the NOW. We live in the present.  Enjoy everything that's current.  Try not to sweat the small stuff and embrace the blessings in your life.  It sounds easy but its tough.  Its tough to let go and just be, at least it is for me.  I, of course, want to out do even myself.  I want each new day to be better than the last.  Each meal to be better than yesterdays.  Each work day to be more productive.  Etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.  I read somewhere, "Present over perfect!"  Seems like such a great motto.   It doesn't mean to settle or not strive.  I could never live my life that way.  To me, it just helps remove the guilt.  Its hard to run on all cylinders, all the time.  Present over perfect just means to me that that's just fine!

When we went to Ft. Myers for the weekend, I arranged to have someone come take pictures of our family.  These were our 1st family pics with our boy!  I couldn't feel more blessed to have these miracles.  They think the present is just TERRIFIC!


Anonymous said...

such A beautiful family and beautiful parents.

Great moments to remember!

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