Fun times!

School, dance, work, babies, and chores keep us very busy!  We have finally gotten a few snippets of cool air so we didn't waste a second of time taking advantage!  The girls and I packed up our boy, and even Mogie, and headed for the park!!  A fun afternoon of play and no sweating!  When will there be more?

Uncle Billy came in to visit from Colorado.  Jane and Jim set up a dinner at their house so we could go visit and catch up!  It was a nice relaxing evening.  The girls adore him and all his antics!

This weekend was very special for Miss. Melissa Duke!  We celebrated her upcoming wedding at her Bridal Shower!  CONGRATULATIONS!!

Going through some pics, I realized I never shared our End of Summer Pool Party! 
Dreaming of summer you make so many plans of what you're going to do and who you're going to see.  But then you get real, and what do they say?  Always the best laid plans?  Something like that...  Because we didn't get to visit with all our little friends, we had an impromptu pool party to cap the END OF SUMMER with the girls friends!!!

I think I also forgot to share that OUR BOY IS A ROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!
(Click here to see his newest trick!)


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