Spoooooky! Spoooooky!!

Our baby boy is growing faster than I care to say :(  He is talking allll day long..Just what I needed around here, another motor mouth! Hee Hee!
Hes not quite crawling but somehow he can get clear across the living room floor in a matter of minutes.  He likes to do the "tripod sit" and loves to cuddle with his sissy's!   I cant believe he's 6mos old, already!   How do you keep them young??

Ashlee is doing terrific in Kindergarten and coming home with these fun awards, almost daily!

Jason planned a last min getaway for us.  It was super sweet of him and we really needed it.  This was the 3rd time we've ever left the kids.  The girls are easy but I was a little concerned for the boy because he had just begun waking up at nite.  My perfect little sleeper has not been so perfect, as of late.  Mima & Poppi were CHAMPS, however.  They came and took over this wild bunch and everyone survived! 
Uncle Jordan and Dawn joined us and we headed north for some grown up, Halloween fun!


These crazy fools right here rode THIS!

and then it did THIS! 


We took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch to pick pumpkins.   It was a fun evening and we even called Anthony to join us! We haven't seen him in awhile.  He's a busy, busy teenager now, but its fun to visit when possible.

2 look straight...
 Then you lose one...
 then you get one back so you have 2 again...
 Nope...then the baby finally laughs and 2 look away.. Sigh.
 This one will have to do!



Uncle Jason's favorite boys!! xo




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He is just adorable like the girls.

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