A Jen & Savannah visit!!

OK... I gotta go back before I go forward!
My sister Jennifer and our sweet Savannah Banana came down for a spectacular visit!  The girls just love hanging with their cousin and they all seem to have so much fun! Wish we lived closer so we could visit more often.  Until then, our magical visits will have to do.  Since we didn't plan any trips this time, we took advantage of our fun, local venues!
Picking them up was outstanding!  Madison & Ashlee made a very sweet sign and couldn't WAIT to hold it up at the airport!

A perfect little sleepover!

The girls insisted we take them to one of their favorite places, the Museum!  Grandpa joined us and we went to explore! SO FUN!

We also spent a night at Santa's Enchanted Forest!  The girls rode rides and we ate all the junk we could handle!  (Mommy's favorite part! Hee Hee)






Since Jennifer and Savannah were in town just before Thanksgiving, we decided to have a Pre-Thanksgiving so we could all share it together! It was Fantastic!


How about a boat ride?  We took the ladies to feed the fish and have lunch on the water!  Savannah LOVED it just as much as our girls do.  It was a wonderful day.




A farewell dinner and meeting Jay's parents xo



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Beautiful pictures.

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