The Redmond Girls, Fun Times & Thanksgiving!!!

All the ladies, and man came to Florida for a fun visit!  It was nice to catch up and spend time with them.  This visit was extra special because......... Aunt Marni came too!!  ::gasp::   The girls were VERY excited to see her!  We had a few special outings....



Hee! Hee!  Jim and JanE Moran :)

We celebrated Poppi, Anthony & Jennifer's birthday!  Mima & Poppi's whole clan!


Kaitlyn is way too mature for these pictures anymore!  Hee hee!


All the sisters!


Birthday People!!  ( plus my little photo bomber!)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jane hosted Thanksgiving this year!!  It was no ordinary Thanksgiving.  This year Uncle Jimmy stayed behind to join in the fun, fun, fun!!  We were sad the girls couldn't stay and play too.

These crazy kids even got Mima into the Bounce House!!!  They looooooooooved it!

and finally.....Turkey Coma's!!

THE ONLY THING that could make this holiday complete is this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Just in case, its not clear..... This is what happens when 3 fatties sit on the swing together for a picture!  Poor Austin)  Hahahahahahaha!  Maybe Santa will bring a new one!



KTLang said...

awww...MAN! i thought the swing pic was going to b WAY better on camera. i guess it was one of those "u had to be there" moments =/ <3 when Mima got in the bounce house w/girls...HILarious!!!

Dani said...

Definitely had to be there!

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