Memorial Day & More!

Let's See... Let's See... Sometimes I don't realize how much I have to share until I start uploading it all.  Then I think, maybe I should break this up, then I think eh! Just get on with the show!!! Ha!
Lots of things have happened since my last update.
We celebrated Memorial Day, the girls had Field Day at their school, we attended their Dance Recital, a few lazy days at home, the girls accepted awards, school ended, and nowwwwwww..
I have a 1st grader and a 2nd grader!  I know!   Cry, Cry, Sob, Sob, Sniffle...
Everyone's on Facebook crying and sobbing and mourning teachers, and schools and blah, blah...
I'm all out of mush tonite and not feeling very sentimental. Maybe because we just had 2 birthdays and I used it all up, maybe because its SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! and that means all kinds of happy and fun things are coming.  Mayyyyybe it just means that Im pregnant with our 4th kid and who really cares?!?!?! Haaaaaa!!!
The kids are getting bigger. School is over. They did great.  All is well. Moving on....

Titi came over for a little Memorial Day Soiree!  Sun, Fun, Pool & BBQ are what great days are made of!


Mom & Dad snuck away for a little dinner in a quiet..quiet place...Ahhh quiet.  I just like to say quiet! Ha!

Took this boy to the doctor for a fever.  Fever all weekend, fever all morning....

and when we got there... TADA! No fever and all smiles!  Figures!

Killing time in the car!  Hee Hee

At school, the girls were learning all about Caterpillars & Butterflies and their lifecycles.  They had the opportunity to grow Butterflies at home, if they wanted.  WELL OF COURSE THEY DID!  We bought 1 caterpillar for ea of them and they brought them home in these containers.  After a several days the caterpillars formed their chrysalises' and about a week later they hatched.  Unfortunately, they hatched while they were in school but they were still SUPER excited to come home and see.  When they were ready, we let them go outside.


Sillytime at home with Daddy!

Madison was nominated and voted to be her class' student of the month!  She was extremely excited!  Self-Control was the trait this month that they chose her for... Self Control! 
Who are they talking about? Ha Ha Ha!
This is the blurb her teacher wrote about her at the ceremony. 
"We voted for Madison because she is always on task and raises her hand to speak.  She is kind-hearted and displays awesome self-control."

The girls Recital was finally upon us! They did a wonderful job! We are so proud of them!  Ashlee was all smiles and could barely contain herself on stage.  Madison...... well, Madison took every effort possible to contain herself.  She barely cracked a smile.  Apparently, Dancing is very serious business.  We celebrated with them and family at Lunch afterwards!  It was a terrific day!



The girls had an awesome Field Day at school!   Each were on a different Minion team and they were VERY excited!  They participated in a TON of events! It was a great, HOT day!!

This weekend we played around the house.  Uncle Jordi and Miss. Dawn came over to surprise the girls and play in the pool.
Grandma Ada came over for a fun visit, also!  We had dinner and hung out.  The girls made her a special necklace with her name and new pictures to hang in her room!

Im SO GLAD the kids have pictures like these with their Great Grandma! 

Well, SCHOOL IS OUTTTTT!!!  My little Kindergartner is on to 1st grade (and very excited about it!)  Both girls had little ceremonies in their classes to commemorate the day!  Including PRINCIPAL'S HONOR ROLL!!  So proud of them! 
Ashlee got the SweetTart Award in her class for being the sweetest friend! 
Madison got the Mathematician Award in her class for being the best in Math! 
She did NOT get that from me! Haaaa!



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