Fun Times & Father's Day!!

I let the kids convince me to take them to the park on a god-awfully HOT, HOT day!!  I told Daddy that we were going, it was around lunch time...and SURPRISE!! He met us over for a little visit. 
The kids were very surprised to see him and he enjoyed chasing his boy around the playground.  Weeeeeee!!!
Video playing with Sissy's!

This year Father's Day was very mellow and PERFECT!!   We celebrated our Super Daddy Jason and my Dad, at home, in the pool, in all its glory!  It was a wonderful day!  We are very blessed!  Unfortunately, Jim couldn't join us but its hard to feel bad for him because his sweet wife Jane whisked him away on an Alaskan Cruise!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day with all the important Daddy's in your lives!!
Video swimming with Daddy!!

Opening morning presents!  We made Daddy a special Father's Day book, filled with pictures of only him and his babies.  In addition, we made his annual 2015 Father's Day interview!  They are always hysterical to watch, looking back over the last few yrs...I just melt.
Here is this years..

Here is the 1st one..only 3 yrs ago but OH! SO LITTLE!!

 Watching Dad's video..

Making his own sausage balls! That is SOMETHING!

Girls had their first week of dance camp and as always, LOVED EVERY SECOND!!! 
They did a fabulous job! 



p.s.- The key to a peaceful dinner.....

 FUN Summer days at the waterpark with some of our besties!!!
Here's a video of Austin exploring the park!!




Its a rare treat that we both get to take the girls to the movies at the same time. 
They were dying to see Inside Out so off we went for a nite out with the ladies!

Jason turned another year older and we had to celebrate!!  Bowling with friends was JUST what we needed!  Thanks so much for celebrating with us! xoxo


Our friends decided to renew their vows in DISNEYWORLD!!!  They were kind enough to ask us to join the fun so we spent a few days basking in their glory! 
Congratulations Lopez Family!!!



A fun girls nite in with dinner and wine!!  All they gave me to cheers with was ice cream.. 
Not so bad, I guess... Ha!!

Round 2!!  This time Titi was nice enough to give me wine glass for my tea! Ha!! I felt fancy!

A double date nite for Daddy's Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday my love!!


KTLang said...

OmG!!! Water works on the father's day video! That song ����

Dani said...

LOL I know! Did you see the 1st years? Ashlee just KILLS ME! LOL

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