Moran Mania!!

Well, we took a trip to crazytown around early July!  Jimmy, Marni and the girls came to town for their summer vacation!  Madison and Ashlee were very excited to see them.  We celebrated the June & July birthdays at dinner, had a little pool day at home and then, of course.... THE LAKE!!!
What more could you need on a trip to Florida?!

We picked up the West Coast Moran's and headed to Mima's for her famous and popular Pizza Nite! Ha!!  We hadn't yet formally announced the gender of our new peanut so we decided to tell them then! The girls got together to announce that, IT'S A BOY!!!!!! 
(I couldn't believe they held it in as long as they did!!)

We had a pool party at the house to catch up and let the kids swim! 
Grandma Ada came over to visit, and that's always a special treat!  The girls LOVED spending quality time with their cousins.

Birthday Dinner at Cracker Barrel! 
Happy Birthday Grandma Ada, Stevie, Uncle Wes, Mia, Audrey, Jason, Kaitlyn & Marni!



Time for our annual Lake Vaca!!!!   Here are some fun pics from our adventures!! 
Having all the Moran Kids there made it extra special.  It was the 1st year for Joelle, Mia and Audrey and I think they definitely loved it.  The kids went knee boarding, tubing, fishing, swimming, skiing, etc.  It was a terrific year!  We had family game nites and grown-up game nites, BBQ's, and picnics!
Austin was just an infant last year, but this year, he got to explore! He loved the lake and playing in the sand with Daddy!  All the bigger kids loved all over him!   I don't know how Jimmy and Marni will keep them away next year!











That was fun, cute pictures. Good job, Dani. Looks like a good time was had by all. So many girls!!! Good thing you're putting a few boys in the mix!

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