Merrrrry March!

(Yep! Im THAT behind!)
It was a little overwhelming that the holidays were already upon us. With the craziness that met Tyler's birth, 2 crazy girls and a Godzilla boy...settling down is all this Mama really wanted to do.  However, onward and upward, right?
The season started off with a holiday card.  It sounds so simple right? Arrange your circus of a family and get them all to say cheese...... Enter these fools!
I saw the CUTEST little holiday pic moment that I tried to recreate, on Pinterest.  It looked like this.

How cute is that right? Seems simple enough.  Bonus! They dont even have to be looking!
The thing about letting your crazy boy on your bed is that hes not just going to sit there, nope!  He's going to crawl all over and you will have to give him a toothbrush because youre wrangling 4 kids, alone, trying to get the perrrrfect picture on your bed, and thats just the closest thing you can grab.  Your youngest daughter will cry because SHE wants to hold the baby, so youll give in because you dont want her face turning red from tears ..., and then she will keep his face covered with his hat.  Your oldest daughter will try desperately to keep your toddler in her lap by tickling him all over, causing him to choke on said toothbrush, he'll thrash around on the BRAND NEW Christmas book tearing out pages..all the while youre screaming, SAY CHEESE!!!!!
 And so... this is what you get.  One of these made it to the card :)

We made it to see Santa!! This is always a treat.  Im thinking this might be M's last year 'believing' but I sure hope not.  It makes the holidays so much more fun this way.   We called Anthony up to see if he'd be done with practice and met him at Bass Pro to hang for a bit!  Even BIG BOYS want to share their wishes with the fat man! Ha!

We even ran into a friend at dinner!!  Look at those teeny boys!!

Buster the Elf came for another visit this year.  He was up to all kinds of antics!  Here are some of his stunts.


Decorating the tree!
This is one of the girls favorite parts! They LOVE decorating the tree. Then *I* love re-decorating the tree.  Austin loved un-decorating the tree.  and then I got to re-decorate it, again.
This was so fun ((insert sarcasm)) and went on allll month.   We, of course, got our tree from Costco again.  Im sure you remember my incredible, Costco, $30 tree story from last year so I wont bore you again!  Suffice it to say, I'M A FAN!!



Mima and Poppi came over for a little visit to exchange gifts with the kids and have a little alone time with them. The kids were very excited to share their presents with them.  Thank you for always being SO generous with our crew!



Jason looks so peaceful here, huh??  Guess what he looked like when I woke him up to tell him that Elves DONT GET TO SLEEP! Ha!  Get to work Daddy!

Christmas morning was busyyyy!  The kids TORE into everything in no time and we enjoyed it ALL from the couch! There was screaming and squealing and more screaming.  I think everyone was pretty happy with all their special gifts. Yay!!



Linda hosted Christmas this year so we headed that way to visit and catch up.  It was nice to see everyone and relax while the kids played.  The kids were so blessed with presents and love. Thanks everyone for loving our bunch!




We even made it over to Tradewinds Park.  They have a holiday light show every year that you can drive through.  This year they had a 3D option. You could buy extra glasses to view the lights in 3D.  The girls thought it was mega cool!!  Who am I to argue?

New Years was low key this year. We stayed in and partied as a family!
BBQ, Smores & Game Nite!!  We watched fireworks over the lake and counted all our blessings to ring in a new year together.   HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!





There was a little more holiday fun but I seem to be missing a memory card  (THE HORROR!!)
Until then... here are a few fun pics of some random stuff!

Ashlee had a Pajama Party at school!

We introduced the girls to our old Nintendo!!!!!  They love it!!

Slumber Party in the living room!! You never fall asleep first at a slumber party! Hee Hee! Poor Ashlee.

This what the Holiday Flu looks like... Yuck!

Relaxin' Boy!



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