Happy Birthday Austin & Ashlee

So here we are another year later, another year older. My sweet, sweet son is 2 years old and my precious Ashlee Bree is 7!!! 2 & 7!!!   I know I say it every single year about each child but it IS just so crazy and so amazing.  Being a parent is the most....exhausting and thankless job, but its also the most rewarding and incredible gift.  A gift I cherish, oh so much.

Dear Austin
My dear sweet boy.. I couldn't ever begin to express in words what you mean to my life.  You are the son I never thought Id have and the one Id always wanted. My 3rd baby.  Watching you learn and grow is one of my greatest joys.  Your second year was so much different than your first.  You just started walking when you turned one and before I knew it you were a speed racer.  Letting yourself into all of our rooms, reaching on top of all our counters, tossing balls clear across the room (You have quite an arm that your Daddy is very excited about), and getting into all kinds of trouble.  You bounce yourself off the walls and furniture of this house like nothing Ive ever seen and you never miss a beat. We call you Godzilla because nothing slows you down!  You were the perfect baby who never made a peep and now you're the toddler who wont sit still for a second.  Funny how fast things change. 
You are the most talkative little boy.  Even though I'm not understanding some of what you're saying, it doesn't seem to bother you a bit.. You talk all day long to whoever will listen.  I love to hear you babble.  Your level of excitement is contagious and I just adore how you beam so proudly when you've accomplished something new.  You make me laugh daily and I'm always amused at what you'll do next. Even more than all this is the sweetest love you have for your baby Tyler.  You give him so much love and snuggles, even at your young age.  You look for him when hes not around.  You lead me by the hand to him when hes crying.  You give him a paci when hes fussing. You melt me. Truly.  
At 2 years old, you're no longer my little baby Austin.  You're just Austin. My son. My big boy Austin.  You're your own unique individual. And you're AWESOME!
I am the luckiest and proudest mom of the most beautiful and hilarious 2 year old.  Everything I do in life, I do for you and your brother and sisters,  There will be times in your life that you will probably hate me for nudging you or keeping you from doing something you want but please know that I have the best intentions; my job as  your mom is to protect you and keep you safe.
My wish for your birthday is that you will stay as sweet as you are today, and happy and healthy always.
Happy 2nd birthday, my delicious baby boy- I love you more than you'll ever truly know.

Love, Mom

Ashlee Bree Bree.  
Where do I even begin.  You are my wild child.  You are my strength and my biggest weakness.  This year you turned 7.  How can you be 7?  For some reason I still think of *you* as my baby; even though we've since welcomed your 2 brothers.  I think maybe its because for 5 years, you were my baby.  
My love for you is immeasurable.  Every year I try to quantify it for you guys in some way but I always fall short because how can you really express the true meaning of to the moon and back, or more than all the fish in the sea, or stars in the sky, with all that I am or will ever be? Its the kind of all consuming love that hurts.
You have changed so much from that chubby, rosey cheeked baby I used to snuggle in my lap.  I commit your face to memory because its changing so fast.  I kiss those cheeks where the chunk used to be.  You are moody and broody and artistic and oh! so funny!  You are a rainbow and a unicorn and everything in this world that is good and WILD!   You have magic in your eyes.  You can make my heart soar and bring me to my knees in one quick breath.  
Parenting you has taught me so much about myself and life.  Sometimes I love to just watch you.  You are so full of energy and life.  You are very loving and caring.  You care SO MUCH with  your whole heart.  You love to be a helper and watch over your brothers.  Watching you take care of them makes my heart swell with pride. I know that Austin loves it when you read to him and snuggle him.
I celebrate you today and everyday, my precious girl.  I love you more than my very own life. I am so proud of who you are becoming. I'm soooo happy that I get to share life with you!

Love, Mom

This year for Ashlee's birthday she decided that she did not want to share with Austin.  She wanted to have a Spa Sleepover with her friends and all the trimmings!  Whats a Mom to do? So... that's exactly what we did.
We had the best time.  It was a super fun filled, girly evening and morning!!  We had manicures, pedicures, facials and a fun craft.  There were matching pj's, "champagne" glasses, movies, sundaes, girl talk and so much silly time!  The girls were all very well behaved.  Definitely a super cute WIN for the books!


Even though Ashlee didn't want to share her party with her little brother, we didn't want to let the occasion pass without a little celebration and acknowledgement for our BIG BOY!!!
We took him to his most favorite place, Little Javas, for some bouncy fun.  
Cant believe this boy is already 2 years old. We called up a few friends to meet us, after dinner, to play.  Its amazing how many kids 3 friends can generate! Ha! 






OF COURSE, we had cake at home too!!  We MAY have had cake on each kids individual birthday and then mayyyyyybe a halfway mark in between...MAYBE!
How could you not make cake for these faces???? I certainly could not, not. Ha!






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