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Things have been constant on this side of crazy town.  Nothing too crazy big or serious but still lots of STUFF!  The weather has been beyond HOT so lots and lots of pool time for sure.  Mima & Poppi have been visiting and Grandpa too!
The girls are winding down for the school year. This is their last week! Cant hardly believe it!  On our way to 2nd and 3rd grade!  It is really flying man!
They have had end of year events and show and tells, carnivals and class parties!  The girls are mega excited for summer! I am excited to not set the alarm clock but all 4 kiddos, 24-7 will be YOWZA!! So if anyone is bored or loney.... I have children for rent :)  You will never be bored again!

Some random videos ;




My precious hunk is 7 mos old already! 7 mos!!!! Can you even believe it!
He loooooves his brother and sisters and they love to snuggle all over him.  Hes still not sleeping through the nite and he hates baby food.  Butttt, he smiles for days and his belly giggles are to die for!  A little bittersweet because he's our last baby, but super fun watching all the kiddies grow!

First nite of cereal! Meh... he didnt like it but he still smiled! Ha!


Madison's end of year show and tell! She was very excited to show off her work (and her brothers).
I cant believe my first born is going to be a 3rd grader! Man oh Man!
Video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gr9N2rcvZI0


A funday visit with the family!!  The girls love having company!  We swam, barbequed and played games!
Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3d7hj13EKM



Ashlee's end of year show and tell! On her way to 2nd grade and SUPER excited to say the least!



If someone is getting a well check, you may as well take them all right?!  I took all 4 because 2 were due. This was the girls first year having to get undressed and put on a gown. Dont they look thrilled?!
They thought it was the weirdest! Ha!

A little girl time fun afternoon with my ladies!
Target, Mani's, Pedi's & Dunkin Donuts! WHAT?!?
It was a super fun day!



Believe it or not we had yet to take the kids to Jaxon's!  I total true Floridian past time but eh! I just never think to go there and its a tiny place, lets face it!  We were on our way to the beach for dinner and the weather was lookin bad so we decided to head here instead! The girls were in sugar HEAVEN!!!  It was definitely love at first site and that was even BEFORE they saw the sundaes!
Heres a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTgZWMtie7A



School time party fun with besties!!

Fishing with the babes! We have been fishing a lot lately.  The girls really enjoy it and Austin loves to run wild and chase the ducks!
Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOW2m3TqZ4w






Madison's end of year carnival and Ashlee's field trip to the Old Davie School House!!
Madison's sack race video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMybwmLR_O0

What do you want to be when you grow up day??!! A BAKER, OF COURSE!!

Jason and I even got to steal away a nite alone. A HUUUUGE Thank You to Uncle Jordi and Miss. Dawn! You guys are so awesome to take on our crew so we could have a mini staycation and act like teenagers!!!  It was such a great day! We laid by the pool, we walked by the ocean, had a yummy lunch, took a nap!!, went to dinner, watched the stars at nite on the beach..SO, SO, DREAMY!!
We wear many hats so its nice to put this one on every now and then :) 


Kids had so much fun without us! Never had any doubt! Ha!
They made pizza for dinner, played Pie Face, went swimming! It was a WIN!


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