It's SUMMER!!!!

Summer is upon us! Sliding into Summer is very exciting...and TERRIFYING!!  Exciting because we have NO schedule (that part is truly the best), terrifying because since we have no schedule, that means the kids have no place they HAVE to be.  So theyre home....with me.....all day....all my face....asking for things....ALL DAY LONG!  SO FUN RIGHT?!  NOOOOO! Ha!
Ive been trying to keep us active and fun but its exhausting and expensive! Ha!  We have still managed to have a pretty good Summer so far, I have to say, and we still have a whole month left to enjoy!

First & Last day of school obligatory picture!

Definitely had to celebrate their last day with a special afterschool treat!! ICE CREAM!!

Our friend Eric retired from the Coast Guard after 20 years, so we celebrated his huge accomplishment with a weekend party at the beach!!  Congratulations Masson Family!!
We're super excited for you guys and the next chapter!!
Our crew loves being at the beach!  We honored Eric for his service and commitment and then it was PARTY TIME!!





A weekend away at the Hard Rock so the kids could enjoy the poolside fun!!
Love all these faces so much!







We babysat some friends while theyre Mommy was unpacking in their new house!!
More pool time, popsicles and FUN!!

Quality time with brother.  Austin loves to show his brother how its done.
He is so sweet with Tyler.  I love to watch them!



Waterpark day with friends!  The girls looove to come here.  Its a little difficult with the boys, mainly Austin, because he is ready to GO! but, Mama gathered up the crew and off we went!  Austin had a total blast!!  This was his first time on the water slides and he rode them all by himself! He could not get enough! It was so fun to watch him.  We'll have to get Daddy to go so he can see too!
Here are a few videos of the kids on the waterslides! SO FUNNY!







This boy turned 7 mos (2 mos ago, ha!!) and we took a few pics outside to remember this sweet face at 7mos old!!  I just want to munch on him!

We celebrated Father's Day, super low key, at home! Just what Daddy asked for! (Zzzzzz!) Haaa!
Breakfast in bed, fun shirts to show Dad some love, homemade presents, and a chill day at home!  Happy Father's Day to all the Daddies we love!  We sure our lucky!
Heres the video we made for Jason, this year!  The kids love this tradition and so does Jason.  I still melt when we watch the first one!

Here is Jim's/Poppi's -
Here is Grandpa's -

Fun at the splash pad with friends!!   Cant ever get enough water fun with these babes and lets face it...its like a million degrees outside, so if you have to be outside...better to do it like this, I say!  Oh to be a kid again!





Dance Camp Week!!!  Madison & Ashlee have been going to Dance Camp with our friend Nicole since they were 3 and they look forward to it all year long!  This past week was Dance Camp week and they couldnt wait.  Themed days included Super Hero Day, Pajama Day, Old School Hip Hop Day, etc.  They rocked their show on Friday and we're so proud of our ladies.

Some videos of the past few weeks!


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