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I always kick myself for waiting so long to update this because I always have so much to share.  We are in our last week of summer!  Next week I will have a 2nd and 3rd grader!  Usually, I feel like the summer blew by too quickly, but this year I.AM.READY! Ha!
It has been an extremely busy summer and I really feel like I enjoyed every day.  (Well, not every minute of the day, if Im being honest, Ha! but the majority)   I tried to stay as "in the moment" as possible, this summer.  Take in all the crazy and enjoy all the joy.  Life is always so busy.  Even though Jason and I work hard to provide the "fun", I dont know that I always get to actually enjoy it.  Im glad that we took our time this summer, because it made me feel.... Grateful.  I have so much to be grateful for, and I am.  I hope I always remember how lucky I am to live this life with this bunch, and always remember to enjoy it.

Speaking of remembering.... I HAVE NO IDEA where these pretty ladies were going on this day! Haaa!  Not a clue.  It must have been something special because theyre all decked out, and I dragged them outside to snap a few pics which they vogued for me.  I sure hope they had a good time when they got there :)




4th of July was super fun this year! We headed to beach with some friends to celebrate.  Renee was in town for the LAKE! so she joined us for the weekend.  We stayed at the W on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  The fireworks were right off our balcony and so beautiful.  The kids played all day and we partied all nite!


Since Mima knew that Renee was coming, she asked if we'd wait to see Finding Dori so we could all go together.  I couldnt make any promises because the girls were dying to see it.  In fact, Nana wanted to see it as well, so the girls got to see it TWICE! Lucky!  We met Mima & Anthony at the movies and it was SO adorable, just as expected!

Another big boy haircut for my main man!  He will do ANYTHING for a "beebop" :)



We celebrated special friends birthdays at the water park! What a fun day!  This is at the top of the girls list for "Fun in the Sun".  Its a little bit of a juggling act for me with both boys but what can ya do! You just GO!  Happy Birthday Braidyn & Cebastian.


Evening swims at home are AWESOME, in the Summer!!  One of our faves, for sure!



My little fisher ladies!  Love that they love what we love!


The girls wanted to prank everyone so they came out of the bathroom LIKE THIS (horror!) and asked me to post a pic on FB and tell everyone they got sunburned.  It was very funny!  (For US!)
They are such jokesters.

Running errands with Mom! Always an adventure!

Dinner with Mima & Poppi for their 44th wedding anniversary!! 44? 43?  I forget now, Ha!
Not the best pic, but we had the best time!  (Ha Ha! So corny, right?)
You two make it look easy!! We love you!

A lunch visit with Uncle Jordi is ALWAYS a treat!

Dinner at Mima's to visit with cousins!
Its never enough time, but fortunate that the kids get to have these memories!



Dance Camp is ALWAYS a Summer highlight for these chicks!
They love, love, love dancing with Mrs. Nicole, and I love, love, love sending them there til 4 o'clock! HA!  Man they look SO GROWN.  They always put makeup on ea other before the show...I drop off a 7 & 8 yr old and I pick up teenagers!



Gangster Faces, Ha!


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Love love love!!! Growing so fast:( Miss them so much!

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