Happy Halloween

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!
Wow!! What a CAH-RAZZZZY last few weeks, and looking at the calendar, it doesnt seem to be slowing down anytime soon. All fun things, but still ::yawn::, exhausting! This is definitely our FAVORITE time of year so we really enjoy doing as much as possible to soak in the "season". Living in Florida doesnt really give you much "feeling" of the actual seasons so forgive us Floridians, as we fake it! LOLLLL Speaking of weather, we have been having some disgusting weather lately. SO.MUCH.RAIN....almost completely wiped out our Halloween. Luckily, we waited it out and it turned out to be an awesome, cool, breezy nite.

We visited a Fall Festival at Aunt Linda's church.  It was so cuute! The kids painted pumpkins, watched the lady's do a cake walk (Hilarious), made spooky popcorn hands and tons of cool, scary fun!
All ready for Trunk or Treat :) 
Enough with the pictures already Mom, Let's GO GET CANDY!!

Nope! Im not ready yet!
Time to raid Aunt Linda's Trunk!! Give it up lady!
IHop was hosting a free Spooky Pancake breakfast so we went to check it out with Miss. Nicole and her crew :)  It was super cute and my girls LOOOVE pancakes!
After breaskfast we went to the park to stretch our legs.  It was a great morning!!
Madison is SUCH a good big sister :)  She is always showing Ashlee new things and trying to teach her.  Sometimes I have to remind her who the Mommy is but its so sweet, all the same!
I made this SUPER yummy Candy Corn Bark for a Halloween party we went to.  The girls had SO much fun playing with all the kids and eating so much CRAP! LOL 
They're so sneaky, arent they? LOLL
Not quite yet little missy!!
My little pumpkins!!
Could these BEAUTIES get any cuuuter????
Family pic at the pumpkin patch.  Even the rain couldnt keep us away!
Halloween Cake Pops!!  Linda came over and asked me to help her make some cake pops for church and work.  This is how they turned out! It was her first time making them..Not too shabby :))

Halloween turned out to be a dry evening. (Phew!!)  We went to Brooke's house where they girls played, we got our faces painted and collected our limit in candy!  Happy Halloween everyone!
Our Pirate Family :)


Anonymous said...

great pics!

Anonymous said...

uncle Allan, seems like the kids had fun for holloween

Dani said...

Thanks guys :) xoxoxox

Brooke said...

So cute, we had a great time, thank you for all the invites. See you tomorrow. Can't wait for november adventures. Colder nice weather.
Brooke, Bailey and Braidyn xoxo : )

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