SO LATE...& Happy Thanksgiving, etc.

Sorry my posts are a little behind but its been a bit hectic!! We had an AWESOME Thanksgiving at home.  I cooked and everyone joined us here; Just the way I like it!  It all turned out perfect- Always nervous about the guest of honor, Mr. Turkey, but he was amazing :)) The girls had a fun day visiting with family, they love any attention. Later on, Daddy and I braved the crowds around midnite for some! Titi Naina and us girls all went to the beach one day for some R&R!  The girls LOVE the beach and we had so much fun! We helped Mima put up her holiday decorations and tree.  We LOVE to decorate and the girls REALLY got into it this year!  Aunt Linda called us to see if the girls wanted to come decorate her tree too.  Well of COURSE they did.... (I think she just wanted out of the job but the jury is still out! ) Ha Ha! The kids love carnivals and rides so we scooped up Anthony and took them all to Santa's Enchanted Forest.  They rode every.ride.there!  Ant and Uncle Jason arent scared of ANYTHING LOL...I just watched from a safe distance :) The biggest news is probably my poor little Ashlee's accident.  Over the weekend she took a little major tumble into the concrete and messed up her mouth pretty bad :(   We went to the dentist the next day and have to go back in 1 week.  Luckily, she isnt in too much pain but will most likely need 2 or 3 teeth pulled and it doesnt LOOK pretty!  She's getting lots of love and it'll all turn out OK!!  I'll show a pic for the brave stomach's LOLL!   Hope everyone is having a wonderful, safe week!! xoxo

Starting our baking Extravaganza!

Im ready for Thanksgiving!!

Thanks for all the help, Bro!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

My 2 favorite girls!
Mama & Daddy!
Our Family!
This is how I know that my meal ROCKED!! LOL
Pop's Girl :)
My precious!
Madison LOOOOOOVES to Swing!
So handsome!! The girls LOVE when Ant comes over to play!
Aunt Linda invited us over to decorate her tree!  The girls really enjoy "helping".
Hanging ornaments all by themselves, of course!
Madison thought it fitting that all the holiday coasters receive some Cheerio Cheer!
Our masterpiece!
Time to decorate Mima's Tree!
Best buds!!
Ill help you brush that mop, Ant!

Fun in the sun!!!  (looks weird with holiday pics, right??) LOLLL
Good times at Santa's Enchanted Forest...AKA Scene of the crime LOLL
It's SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Madison...Anthony...Ummm, Ashlee???  LOLL
Cah-RAZY boys!!! I was watching from a safe distance on the ground!
THIS is how they make the donuts!!!
Still a trooper, even after catastrophe!!


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