Holidays, Birthdays & More!!

This year for Easter we had some festivities with sweet friends.  We colored eggs, decorated cupcakes and played games!  The kids had a ton of fun!  This was Austin's first year old enough to really participate and he has the HULK HANDS to prove it!







Of course we planted our Jelly Beans, in hopes of fields of lollipops! Sadly, just the ones we planted grew. (HA!)  Oh well kids, nice try!


Morning came and these kids were READY to go!!!  Easter bunny delivered the goods and left a nice little hunt outside!  Austin was super excited on his 1st year collecting!  He cleaned up!





Mima, Poppi, Anthony and Titi came over for lunch and quality time to celebrate Easter!
The kids had a ton of fun visiting and playing!  It was a great, peaceful day!


So Madison and Ashlee watch these videos on You tube that are like food challenges.  They think its the MOST hilarious thing.  Theres a jelly bean game called Bean Boozeled.  Basically its a box of jellybeans, that look just like a regular box of jellybeans. EXCEPT, all the flavors have rotten, disgusting, rancid flavor doubles. For example, Peach or Barf, Juicy Pear or Booger, Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg, Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food, etc etc.   You spin the spinner and you have to take your chance at whichever it lands on.
SO chicken and steak and potatoes are too much for them, but THIS! This is acceptable odds for them! Ha!
So of course when Anthony came over, the madness ensued and here you have it.  Naturally, luck was against him and he chowed down on dog food and boogers!!    I havent tried for myself (duh!) but Ive been told theyre as realistic and horrible as you can imagine! Ha!




They SOMEHOW convinced Poppi to play and OMGOODNESS!! He just died!  His 1st attempt wound up as skunk spray!  It was awful! You could smell it from across the room and he just had to try and plant one on Mima!

 Somebody thought they could help me make a grocery list?  I found him in the fridge with a paper and pencil, sitting on the bottom lip!


Uncle Jordi and I celebrated another birthday this year!
Theyre coming WAY TOO FAST these days!!


Kids celebrated Spring Break so I tried to get them out as much as possible.  Its a little difficult with the babes but they shouldnt have to sit home bc theyre crazy parents have 4 kids right?! HA!
We went swimming several times, bowling, bounce places, playdates and even Frozen on Ice! TWICE!!! (Lucky ladies!!)






you really captured the happiness everyone has of being part of your family!! Good job!! Of course all the beautiful children were easy targets!!

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